Many all-breed dog clubs are now offering health clinics in conjunction with their dog shows. Want to know who's offering what, when and for how much? The Newfoundland Club of America suggests you visit the following websites for information on the
latest happenings in health clinics. Please remember, if you do plan to participate in a health clinic, make sure you have your dog's registration papers with you so you can have all the information necessary to have the OFA forms filled out right there. Many of the health clinics offer discounted health testing as well as discounted OFA registration fees. It must be noted that, as always, equivocal or affected results for thyroid, cardiac, patella's or DNA (any disease that has a DNA test such as cystinuria) are recorded free of charge by the OFA. Just remember to initial the "Authorization to Release Abnormal Results" box on the OFA Form.

- OFA (

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- Cavalier Health Clinic Calendar (

- CERF Clinic Calendar (


We would like to remind you that if you participate in
a health clinic make sure you give those results to
your regular veterinarian.
The Newfoundland Club of America encourages
testing and the release of all health testing results.
For more Newfoundland health information please visit:



Genetic Disorders known to affect the Newfoundland



Doppler Rebate Program for NCA Members



The NCA Charitable Trust announces a rebate program to subsidize the submission of DNA to the
DNA Repository. The rebate of $20 per dog, which is the current cost, is for blood samples only; cheek
swab submissions are not eligible. In addition, the program is limited to purebred Newfoundland's, registered
with the AKC or any official registry recognized by the AKC, and to the first 500 requests.
To apply for a rebate, duplicate the certificate sent by CHIC that verifies receipt of the blood sample.
Send this copy, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope,

to Kathy Paxton, 3101 Benjamin
Drive, Taneytown, MD 21787-2755.

Rebate checks
will be issued to the owners listed on the certificates. This program was proposed by the Health and Longevity Committee and is being funded by the Newfoundland Health Challenge.

Newfoundland DNA: Totally unique; completely irreplaceable!
For more information, go to: