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The Northland Newfoundland Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Newfoundland dog. The club promotes this goal by organizing and sponsoring dog shows and working trials, including water and draft tests. In addition to these organized events club members assist Newfoundland dogs that have become homeless or are in distress. The proceeds from this on going fundraiser go directly to this Newfoundland dog rescue work.


The Stretchers and Slings are designed for the large dog. When a large dog gets injured or ill, it can be very difficult to move them. Injury situations can occur where awkward movement may cause additional trauma. Some large breeds are prone to hip problems and in their old age may require assistance. Mobility assistance may be required after some surgeries. A stretcher and a sling are almost a necessity as part of a large dog owner's tack and a must for all veterinarians. When not in use as an emergency device the stretchers can be used as a ground cloth under a sleeping bag, a ringside mat at dog shows or a sleeping child carrier. While the sling makes a good one person log carrier.

The Stretchers are made of nylon pack cloth and will carry a 200 lb. dog. There are six handles and a belt to hold the dog securely.




* $58.00 , price includes "shipping by US priority mail" within the USA


* New York residents must add 8% sales tax.









* $37.00 , price includes "shipping by US priority mail" within the USA


* New York residents must add 8% sales tax.




Payment by money order or check, made out to:

 NNC Northland Newfoundland Club


Mail Payment to :

Northland Newfoundland Club

Helen Mancuso, Treas.

227 Roaser Road

Sand Lake, NY 12153



Please call or email your questions:

(518) 674-3393


Stretchers and Slings Made By Schenectady Canvas





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