And Your Toddler Bed Frames?

Portable Toddler Bed Frames

When choosing a suitable bed for your child, you must pay particular attention to preventing the danger of accidents from the toddler bed frames. Bed with top quality orthopedic beech slatted bed base made in Italy perfect for children’s bedroom. A bed frames ideas that have spread in the market for several years and has achieved enormous success: the single bed in a square with ecological stave basement bed frame maintains the classic style with all the innovation of an orthopedic beech slatted bed base.

In the utmost respect for the body and the environment, made with non-toxic and recyclable materials, toddler bed frames are the perfect bed for every bedroom for children, able to give sympathy to the room and let our children sleep in a bed support of great quality. bed frames are available as a bed base with slats in different colors, to make your kids’ room even more fun!

Pay attention to the protruding parts, sharp edges, and holes. The child’s bed should not have protruding parts, sharp and sharp edges and holes where cords, ribbons or chains of the pacifier could hang. Here’s how to avoid slipping the baby from the bed. To prevent entrapment or slipping through the child’s bed, the bars of the bars must have a minimum distance of 4.5 cm and a maximum of 6.5 cm.

Slatted bed frames for children: stable and of the right size. The slatted frame must be stable so as not to turn into a bad trap. The distance between the slats must not allow the feet to slip when the child is standing upright or jumping. As for the toddler bed frames, even for the selection of the mattress for your child, you should pay due attention to reduce the danger of accidents. The mattress for your child must be placed on the bed frame so that it cannot be moved.