Ideal Convertible Toddler Bed To Sleep And Play

Convertible Toddler Bed Design

The convertible toddler bed are a very suitable option to put the baby’s room and it lasts several years. The convertible cribs give a lot of play, and allow you to take advantage of all the elements when it becomes a bed and without it being necessary to change the rest of the room. Today we will see some proposals for decorating children’s rooms that can last from zero to five or six years. In all of them there is a convertible crib as a protagonist. This room is formed by a simple crib with changing table with drawers and shelves under it. keep reading and note it!

When we transform, we see that, in addition to the bed, we have a small piece of furniture that can not be used as a desk or furniture to place toys and other items. another proposals include a corner wardrobe with shelves to place books or toys, of great versatility, with a narrow door in one of the faces to make it more useful. The convertible toddler bed, with changing table, drawer and large drawer at the base becomes a trundle bed to which are added two long shelves and a desk with drawer.

It is a very complete option that includes a table that is much more useful than the previous one in terms of the child’s use for homework, as well as other activities, such as painting, making puzzles and constructions, etc. The latest proposal today is a room with a convertible toddler bed with changing table and drawers. Includes a small and simple wardrobe and several storage shelves. When converted, the crib becomes a trundle bed with an original narrow desk, a chest of drawers and shelves with shelves that can be placed on the floor or hung. See you soon!