Toddler Loft Bed Design

Toddler Loft Bed Decor

Toddler loft bed is a bed that sits on the tip of a higher frame. If you want to build a small child loft bed, you can do it easily with a few pieces of furniture grade hardwood, but you must keep the security in mind. You cannot make the platform bed high enough for a child to fight to get in or injure if he fell out. Measure the length and width of the mattress of your child’s bed with a tape measure. This gives you dimensions of your loft bed frame. Cut two pieces 1-inch thick by 24-inch-hard-hard boards to length is required with a saw blade or table so. These boards are shelves of platform bed. Cut two piece 1-inch thick with 24-inch hardwood boards for a width of 2 inches shorter than necessary. This is the basis of the thickness of the gavel. These two boards are the main board and footboard of the loft bed.

Toddler loft bed, spread four evenly distributed 1/4 inch holes across the width of each sideboard about 1/2 inch down each end of boards. Place pour on their 1-inch sides and then place the main board and footboard on their 1-inch sides. Line shorter boards up at the ends of the gavel. Run 1/4 inch diameter with 2-inch-long wooden screws through the holes in the truss and into the headboard and footboard. Lowers the screws slightly to make sure your child can not be caught on the screws.

Cut 1/2 inch-thick furniture grade plywood to the dimensions, then place plywood on top of the bedside frame. This creates the toddler loft bed for mattress to rest on.  Bor evenly distributed 1/4 inch holes in each corner, and approximately every 12 inches down the sides. Place the holes 1/2-inch inwards from the edges of the plywood.