When It Is Normal For The Child To Pee On Train Toddler Bed

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Children over 3 years of age generally do not pee in train toddler bed anymore, but it is normal for the child to still pee in bed on some nights until around age 5. From there the child should be able to identify the urge to go to the bathroom day and night and not wet the bed anymore. From 3 years of age, parents should be aware of the child is able to hold the pee during the day and also at night, making sure she does not pee in bed whenever she wakes up in the morning.

When to worry

It may be cause for concern if the child is over 3 years old and safely takes the pee during the day but still pees in train toddler bed every night or more than 2 times a week. In this case, the pediatrician should be warned because these various causes for this to happen.

A common cause is for the child to take lots of fluids from 6 pm and not to pee before going to bed, another common cause is the child being anxious, afraid and not wanting to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, but sometimes, bedwetting can be caused by a situation called nocturnal enuresis, a type of childhood urinary incontinence.

The child should not be blamed for bed wetting, but bedwetting needs specific treatment, which may include urine training, use of special pajamas, or even use of medications indicated by the pediatrician.

Main causes of enuresis

Any child up to age 8 can pee in train toddler bed at night if drinking lots of water after dinner or not be going to the bathroom before bed, however, this situation should be rare and have to be associated with these factors. There are 2 different types of the disease: primary enuresis occurs when the child has always needed diapers not to pee in bed, and secondary enuresis occurs when for some reason, after the child is able to control pee well at night, to pee in bed.

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